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Understanding your Soul's Purpose in Life

Connecting with your gifts to achieve your desires and Feel Fully Alive

Welcome to SoulFully Alive, where the goal is to assist you in breaking through barriers and creating the life you desire. No longer will you feel like you are missing the point in YOUR life, or being blocked by a wall. Instead the purpose is to consciously connect you with your karmic patterns, understand why they are there and how YOU created them, by discovering what your gifts are in life. Through this understanding, you will be able to action your desires and goals to FEEL fully alive.

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My Story

Soul Realignment Practitioner

Hello! My name is Kerry. 15 years ago I started over with a 9 month old and a 2 year old. I will admit it was a little scary at first. But I chose to take this action as I knew it was what I had to do to create the life I desired, without restrictions or limitations. I became aware of the karmic imprints in my life and what actions I must take to untangle them. The choices I made were not always easy, but they were right. It took SOME effort to unweave the subconscious patterns and behaviors I had created and was engaging in. But, by learning how to listen and be aware of my karmic patterns, I was able to activate my intuition and re-spin my web of life, creating the option to retire at age 47!

One thing I have come to learn and understand, is that we are the creators of our life in whatever way we choose.  Our choices and actions ultimately govern and determine how we create our karmic patterns. Karma is not a debt you pay or owe.  Karma is what YOU create! When you truly understand how your choices are best actioned when they are aligned with your Soul's Blueprint, that which you desire appears with greater ease. The key is to discover what your gifts are, set an intention/goal that is in alignment with these gifts, and take a specific and designed action. My role is to assist you in discovering potential blocks and restrictions which are present in your life, your karmic patterns, so you can learn and grow from them, to create a new prosperous path in life. This is how I created my life, and feel completely and Fully Alive!

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Soul Realignment Sessions

Creating your Life


Soul Blueprint Profile Session

FInding your Soul's Purpose

What is your Soul's purpose in life? What are your unique gifts? How were you designed to express yourself in this life? What Lesson does your Soul want you to be aware of in this life? Is there some form of energetic block and/or restriction inhibiting you from fully experiencing life? This session will answer all these questions and what steps you can take to assist in clearing negative karma from your life .

Sat on the Rocks

Spirit Guide Reading

Who are your Guides?

We all have our own Spirit Guides who are assigned to us and will assist us with life's problems when we ask.  In this session we will explore who these Guides are, how they let you know when they are trying to get your attention, and what possible messages they have for you.

Meditation by the Sea

Reiki session

Define and Clear Energy Blocks and Restrictions from Past lives, past situations and current issues

Reiki is the study of understanding how energy flows within and around us. It explores your chakras, auras and energy bodies in relation to ourselves and the environment around us; our understanding of our "inner world" in relation to our "outer world". By balancing our chakras and energy bodies we open ourselves up to more opportunities and vibrational alignments; to create a peace within, no matter what occurs around us.

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Holding Hands

Connect with Loved Ones who Passed

To speak to those we love

How often do we say, "If only I could talk to them one more time". "I never got a chance to say goodbye". During this session, you will have the opportunity to connect with your loved one who has passed, and have that last chat. This session normally takes 1hour, and can be facilitated via zoom.  Please have questions you would like to ask prepared in advance.

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A relaxing approach to healing the ROOT emotional imprint to behaviour

Hypnosis explores our emotions, feelings and perceptions. These three components provide the path to the past where we can explore and understand WHY we are experiencing what we are in this present moment. Sometimes the root emotional event is NOT was we think it is. Most emotional imprints stem from under the age of 6. However, sometimes, these emotional imprints go further back. We can go back to the day you were born, when you were inside your mother's womb, or even to a past life. During hypnosis you are 100% aware of what is occurring and will remember everything. But, we are giving your subconscious mind the opportunity to tell the true story of the events that have occurred, as it is our subconscious which records every event and feeling we have. 
Hypnosis is a great avenue to assist with healing anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, or any other emotion that is "controlling" your actions in your everyday life. Hypnosis can also be used to understand eating habits, to quit smoking, addictions, and most other habitual actions we engage in, in our life. This service is a two part service. Please visit the booking section at the top of the page for further direction and understanding.

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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